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Fried Onion Burger Day is planned and
hosted by the award winning El Reno
Main Street Program and it’s team of
hard working, dedicated volunteers.

Debbie Harrison, Special Projects Coordinator

El Reno Main Street Program
119 S Rock Island
El Reno, OK  73036
Phone: (405) 262-8888


17 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Codie,

    Is it time to put the tents in place? I have refrained from saying “it’s almost Burger Day” until after the first of January, as you have asked, LOL, so now I will remind you, “It’s almost Burger Day!!!” Am I on the list to help set up tents? Hang signs, balloons? Sweep streets? Got my hat, got my gloves and ready to get started. It’s almost Burger Day!!!

  2. Hi, we are one of the vendors and are really looking forward to the show. Plus, we are really excited about having an onion burger. I love onion burgers, but they are not like the ones you serve. Can’t wait.

    I have a question, how many total craft show vendors will there be?

    Thanks again and looking forward to saturday.

  3. Will there still be burgers at 8:15 pm on Saturday night?

  4. Victor Hamberlin

    I really enjoyed the headliner band last year, The 411 Band I think they were called. I was one of the 13 or so people left there to see them at 4:30 P.M. when they took the stage, which brings me to my question. Why are the headliners scheduled to perform last, when most of the people have left and the vendors etc. are packing up and leaving also? Maybe the headline act could play earlier in the day…Maybe 12:30 P.M. or so, that way more of a crowd would be there to hear them. Just a thought.

    • Victor, Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the band and festival last year. The reason we have the headliner in the late afternoon is in hopes that people will stick around to enjoy the music. Also, sometimes we get people who aren’t interested in the burger cooking, classic cars, etc but they do want to come hear the band. We try to make the Burger Day entertainment diverse in order to please all types of music lovers.

  5. Victor Hamberlin

    I understand that you HOPE people will stick around for the late music unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way in the real world as evidenced by last years example. Did I mention that there were 13 people in the audience last year at 4:30? That’s an embarassment to the Burger Day Festival, not to mention to the band. Do the right thing. Move the headliner to an earlier spot so more people WILL enjoy the music while things are in full swing. Don’t HOPE for the best…MAKE it happen.


    • I know last year was a little off, however, the year before there were about a thousand there for No Justice. I think the style of this year’s headliner, Johnny Cooper, will bring in more people in the late afternoon even if early attendees head out. Besides, the quality of bands we have leading up to him is supurb this year. I wouldn’t want to miss any of them.

  6. Victor Hamberlin

    It sounds like things will be much better this year. I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Mike Whittaker

    Codie, we recently purchased a roasted corn/lemonade concession and would love to bring it to the El Reno Fried Onion Burger Festival. What is the fee? May we get a spot this late? We sure hope so.

  8. Will there be 844 train rides? If so, what date and times will they be available?

  9. I haven’t been to Burger day since I was 13. now that I’m a mom it sound like something fun to take my family to. my question is, the kids activities and rides….do you purchase to tickets for any of that?

    • The rides are operated by outside vendors so yes, you will have to pay to ride, however, we’ve encouraged the vendors to keep the prices as low as possible to make it affordable for everyone. Plus, the Union Pacific mini train will be offering free rides all day.

  10. Is there going ti be a mower and kart races with this evernt this year

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